Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sue Scheff: Drop Your Reins Event - Peaceful Solutions for ADHD/ADD & Autistic Children Using Natural Horsemanship

Drop Your Reins Presents Danielle Herb’s “The Experience”
at Cheer Horse Ranch - July 11, 2009

CHEER recognizes the challenges young people face as they mature in our society. There are demands on their time and focus that we’re not a part of growing up 20 years ago.

CHEER strives to guide the emotional development of our young friends through a healthy interaction with horses. By offering this interaction, CHEER will provide a foundation of life lessons aimed at allowing people to navigate their future with dignity, grace and caring.

CHEER has a mission and a goal to help manage growth and has an eye to create happy children and content horses .

We togther will utilize the unique human-equestrian interaction in a collarborative endeavor to enrich the emotional lives of our friends by:

*Teaching selflessness through caring of others
*Fostering self-confidence through nonjudgemental relationships
*Discovering self-reliance through doing
*Promoting self-esteem through healthy interdepedence
*Instilling pride through accomplishment
*Developing accountability through responsibility
*Encouraging enthusiasm for life through wholesome challenge
*Cultivating patience through understanding
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