Monday, January 10, 2011

Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother

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Life After Birth
By Summer Owens

Going to school, hanging out with her friends, and being a normal teenager was all Summer knew until her fifteenth birthday changed her life forever. Nine months later, she was a mother and didn't even know the father of her baby. Overcoming embarrassment and depression, she made the decision to go on with her life and pursue the dreams she had before taking on the responsibilities of motherhood. In Life After Birth, Owens depicts the real-life struggles she faced as a teenage mother in hopes that her transparency will encourage and inspire other teenage and single mothers. By sharing how she managed to give her son the best childhood possible while at the same time finishing high school, combating emotional issues, graduating from college with honors, building a career and buying a house all as a young, single mother, she demonstrates that life doesnt have to end when a child is born to a teenager.

About the Author


A mother at age fifteen, Summer Owens knows firsthand the challenges teen mothers face. Owens holds a BBA from the University of Memphis and an MBA from Belhaven College. Owens is a Senior Marketing Specialist at FedEx and resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her son, Jaylan. A mentor with the Adolescent Parenting Program, Owens enjoys traveling, interior decorating, reading, and spending time with her son.

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1 comment:

cogpepper said...

I am Summer's mother and, if I have to say so myself, she really did a great job of telling her story.
It is such an inspirational story. I read it, already knowing the outcome, but not knowing a lot of how she was feeling during this time.
I am sooooooOOOOOO proud of her.