Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sue Scheff - Just me...

Sue Scheff - just me.....

It seems that since I became a victim of Internet Defamation - I have also become a person of interest on many levels. I won the largest jury verdict to date, $11.3M - after a woman maliciously and intentionally attacked my family, my organization and myself. This was not a "default" verdict, as some would like you to believe. We defended this case for over 2 years and went to trial for damages and after 2+ hours of deliberation, the jurors rendered their verdict. It was meant to send a strong message and it has.

That lawsuit stemmed from a previous one in which I was accused of defamation - however I proved my facts to be true and won again. I am a fighter - when so many people would have rolled over - I continued to stay in the fight until victory! As in both cases - the truth prevailed!

There are many stories out there about me, my family and my organization (PURE) however if you are not sure it is true or not, please email me personally - I understand there are people that are attempting to pretend they are the "real Sue Scheff" - but in reality, they are people that sadly cannot move forward in their lives and feel the need to continue to hurt my family and myself. The fact they need to drag my children through their ignorance is disturbing, but I understand they simply don't know any better. In reality, they are not hurting me, they are hurting innocent people - people that have no clue the depth of their insanity.

The facts are clear - I have created my organization - Parents Universal Resource Experts, Inc (PURE) over 6 years ago -We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau without any complaints, and most importantly, we have helped literally thousands of families through the years. We are highly recommended through many professionals including doctors, therapists, lawyers and judges.

So when the ugly forums want to continue to disparage me, I always say, let the facts speak for themselves. Most can see through the ugliness of the Internet Forums, but if you ever have doubt - go to the source! It is just me.....

If you are interested in the truth about Sue Scheff - (myself) - please visit and also read my Blogs.

My book, "Wits End" will be here soon - and will not only share my trials of litigation and the story of my daughter, Ashlyn and her experiences at an abusive program (Carolina Springs Academy) - it will be a resource book for people that are struggling with today's teens - and a society that can be troubling for many teenagers.

You will be able to pre-order the book shortly - I will keep you posted. "Wits End!"