Monday, July 13, 2009

Sue Scheff: Learn More About Your Teen

By Sarah Newton at FINK (Family Interaction Nurtures Kids)

As Parents we so often dismiss our children’s musical tastes. We listen to the din and just want them to turn it down! But how much do we really listen to their music?

If we were for a moment just to ignore the noise and listen to what the music is saying, how much could we learn about our teens?

So I challenge you to go and listen, really listen to their music and the lyrics. What is the music saying and what feeling is it portraying? What could this tell you about your teen? What could your teen be trying to say to the world? What feelings and emotions may they be releasing by listening to this music. If the music they listen to had certain qualities about it what would they be? Is it about freedom to express, or choice, or perceptions? Are these the qualities that your teen has, or wants to have? You can learn so much about your teen by just taking that extra step and really listening to the music. What is your teen trying to say to you by the music they are listening to?
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