Monday, July 20, 2009

Sue Scheff: No Quick Fix for Anxiety Suffers

By Kara Tamanini - Author and Therapist

No Quick Fix for Anxiety Sufferers

This is something we hear as therapists all the time, “can you fix me really quick.” Or, “do you have a magic wand to just fix me.” Whether the sufferer of anxiety is a child, an adolescent, or an adult, there is NO “quick fix” for anxiety. The problem that we as therapists often run into, is that patients want to be “fixed”, however they are not patient in the amount of time it takes to start to improve and the other “biggie” is that patients do very little of the prescribed treatment in order to get better.

For parents that have children that suffer with anxiety, a large part of anxiety is fear based as well as personal concerns that the child has. There is really no one “right treatment” that works for every child and as a parent or caregiver you need to be patient with your child. Most parents if they have a child that suffers with anxiety symptoms are often very fearful themselves as well as reacting to their child’s anxiety with anger, fear, frustration, etc…

The best way to help your child to get through their anxiety for the long-term is to first let them work through some of their anxiety themselves. Do not “fix” everything for them. A child first has to recognize their anxiety and try to problem-solve for themselves. If they are unable to do this, then be patient and help them through their anxiety.

A thoughtful; well thought out approach with the assistance of a therapist is a really good place to start. Help your child work through their fears and anxieties, but do not take over out of your own fear and do things for them. There are a few treatments out there that are a “quick fix” such as an anti-anxiety medication, however medications “mask” the symptoms of anxiety and do help, but they will not “fix” the problem.

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