Saturday, June 30, 2012

'I choose' Anti-Bullying Campaign

'I choose' Anti-Bullying Campaign....

The 'I choose' campaign is about recognizing bullying for what it is: a choice.

We are definitely not a stranger to bullying and cyberbullying, and this has to change.

No one is ever forced to be a bully; just as easily as someone can choose to be a bully, they can choose to be kind, respectful, and compassionate, instead.

With the 'I choose' Anti-Bullying Campaign, the are challenging people everywhere to make a better choice and help end bullying.

The 'I choose' campaign aims to stop bullying of all kinds with a simple, positive approach, challenging youth to embrace the concept that bullying is a choice and the power to choose is theirs.

Visit and share your story.

Must watch the 1-minute video.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and join them on Facebook.

The ‘I choose’ Anti-Bullying Campaign is powered by, a social network uniquely created by kids and teens, for kids and teens. The Yoursphere community is one of respect and positive online interaction. This campaign is a reflection of the choices that our members feel have the power to make people stop, think and remember that bullying is a choice.

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