Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Basic Things To Teach Your Teen Before They Leave for College

Your teen is approaching the end of their high school career and they are heading off to college.

It is a fun and exciting time for the whole family, especially for your doe –eyed teen. Sometimes as parents we forget that sometimes our teens don’t know the basics once they flee the nest.

Here are five basic things you should educate your teen on before they go:

1. Budget money: Probably one of the biggest and most important things you can teach your teen before they head off to college. Teaching your teen the basics of money and the concept of budgeting will carry them into adulthood. Give your teen a good grasp on costs and expenses and how they are to spend and budget. Most college freshman are targeted by credit card companies once they get on campus, teach them the trials and tribulations of a credit card.
2. Basic safety: You aren’t able to keep track of your teen once they are off to college. Teach them the different dangers that they can experience as college students. Things like drinking and driving, drugs and date rape. Teach them to keep their personal information offline and that no matter where or what they are doing someone needs to know where they are, even if it’s just their roommate.
3. How to cook: Teaching them easy and healthy meals will keep your teen from spending too much money on those late night drive thrus. Be sure to send them off to college with basic cooking supplies like pots and pans and cooking utensils. Consider stocking their pantry and fridge with the basics, this will encourage them to cook at home more.
4. How to do laundry: Believe it or not, lots of teens do not know how to do their own laundry. Be sure they know how to operate the machine as well as what settings are needed on different loads. Don’t forget to show them how to clean the dryer vent.
5. Car maintenance: If your teen is going to college with a car, be sure that you educate them on what to do when it comes to renewing stickers, getting oil changes and checking tire pressure. It is wise that you tell them to contact you first if there is a car problem, some mechanics and tow truck people can target your teen and rip them off.

Prepare for phone calls and texts with questions and sometimes mishaps. It is also a sign if you do not hear from your teen about these things; make sure they are practicing what you have taught them. Be understanding and helpful; remember you were once that age too. Good luck Mom and Dad!
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