Sunday, August 21, 2011

Author Stacey Honowitz: My Private Parts Are Private

Schools are opening throughout the country.  Many kids will be walking or riding their bikes to school.  Stranger danger is still a very serious concern for kids of all ages and parents as well as our community.

My Private Parts are Private! (Book signing event see below)

Before your minds all go in the gutter, this is about teaching our children about sexual abuse and inappropriate touching.

As the fastest growing crime in the country, Child Sexual Abuse is a national problem.
My Privates are Private” & “Genius with a Penis: Don’t Touch aim to help parents educate their children in a fun and comfortable way.

Stacey Honowitz, author and Assistant Florida State Attorney who specializes in child abuse and sex crimes, is releasing her 2nd book titled, Genius with a Penis: Don’t Touch. With its colorful illustrations and rhymes, the book’s character, Bobby Boodle helps parents educate their children about their body parts, defines what good and bad touching is and explains what to do if children are touched inappropriately.

In 2009 her first hit book , My Privates are Private won acclaim for it’s unique story about a little girl named Betsy Boodle, now the second book reaches out to boys through the voice of Bobby Boodle.

Realizing what a problem child sexual abuse is and her belief that children have a voice too, inspired Stacey to advocate against such crimes. The self-published book is a result of this desire to help, and the author says, “finally parents and kids can talk about this difficult subject in a manner which is comfortable for both.”

The series empowers children to stand up for themselves if they’ve been abused. It puts both parents and children at ease when dealing with this delicate subject matter, and give parents the ability to communicate openly with their child about the importance of reporting abuse. The books are available on and

Meet Stacy in person!

About the Author:

Stacey Honowitz, resident of South Florida, has worked with the Florida State Attorney’s Office Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit for 22 years. She appears regularly on CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, FOX News as a Legal Analyst and has been featured on Dateline NBC, CBS News 48 Hours, and Good Morning.
For more information contact: Stacey Honowitz at (786) 781- 8848 or

Stacey Honowitz will be signing book at Give Wink on August 25th, 10am – 6pm for a Back to School – One Stop Shop at Give Wink!  See the flyer on the side.

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