Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parenting Teens - Today's Economy and Finances

Talk about a timely subject! As a Parent Advocate I am frequently asked to share information to my readers, and although I try to keep it strictly targeted towards parenting and Internet Safety, when I was asked to promote this campaign regarding the importance of your credit report, I felt there are probably parents out there that could benefit from this.

This is also a great opportunity to talk to your your teen early about importance of being financially literate; you can really help them in a positive way for their futures.

With everything going on in the economy these days, you may not know where to go for advice. You find yourself asking: Who can I really trust? Who is reputable? Why do some companies charge me sky-high prices for mediocre advice?! All wonderful questions to ask yourself when dealing with such an important issue.

I am contacting you today on behalf of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (also referred to as CCCS or Consumer Credit Counseling Service locally), to help you and your readers gain access to free information called “Financial Fast Facts,” brief videos that can be utilized with minimal effort and headache for the benefit of your readers! Simply log on to NFCC’s Financial Facts to instantly watch short videos filled with great advice from Gail Cunningham, NFCC’s Vice President. She’ll share some quick tips with folks that’ll get them started on a smart financial track. Some of the important topics Gail covers are: “Changing Your Credit Card Terms,” “Dealing with Job Loss,” “Debt Settlement 101,” and more! Want to check it out for yourself? You can do so by visiting:

And while you’re on the website, feel free to browse around and see what else NFCC can offer you and your readers, as I’d be happy to assist you with any further information you would need. I should also mention there is a free DVD available to order, with tips on how to avoid foreclosure: .

To give you a quick background, NFCC has been around since 1951 and proudly continues to remain the nation’s largest and longest serving national nonprofit credit counseling network — offering reputable and free services!

And as you see, NFCC is now taking those efforts straight to the Blogosphere!

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