Friday, August 14, 2009

Sue Scheff: ZoomSafer - "We don't let friends drive distracted"

By Matthew Howard
ZoomSafer Aligns with President Obama and Secretary of Transportation in Fight Against Distracted Driving

ZoomSafer Aligns with President Obama and Secretary of Transportation in Fight Against Distracted Driving

Secretary Lahood Says “Laws Alone” Are Not Enough to Reduce Distracted Driving
Reston, Virginia – August 11, 2009 – ZoomSafer, the leading provider of innovative solutions to prevent distracted driving is pleased that the Obama Administration and Secretary of Transportation, Ray Lahood, have announced plans to host a Summit next month to develop a list of “concrete steps” to minimize accidents caused by distracted motorists.

“As we prepare to launch our innovative solution to prevent distracted driving, we are very happy to see the Federal Government prioritizing resources to help solve this growing issue,” said Michael Riemer, Co-Founder and CEO of ZoomSafer. “Beginning in late August, members of the public will have their first opportunity to experience for themselves how ZoomSafer’s patented technology helps motorists minimize distractions stemming from the use of cell phones while driving.”

“Distracted driving is a large and complicated issue,” said Matt Howard, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ZoomSafer. “While some people will choose to abstain from using their phones while driving, others will seek legally compliant solutions that are capable of providing safe alternatives to send and receive texts and emails so they can stay connected while driving.”
ZoomSafer has been developed to support existing laws and address a broad spectrum of consumer and commercial end user requirements:

• A FREE version automatically detects when you’re driving and activates a set of basic services that suppresses external alerts and minimize distractions.
• A PREMIUM version activates a set of enhanced services so you can communicate safely while driving. Use your voice — not your thumbs, to send email, texts, and tweets. Use your ears — not your eyes, to listen to emails, texts, and other content.

• A CORPORATE version enables enterprises, insurance carriers, and fleet owners to administer specific policies on end-user devices to manage risk and minimize liability.

As a commercial enterprise ZoomSafer looks forward to joining with the Federal Government, Insurance Carriers, Public Safety Associations, and others in the effort to reduce and eliminate the significant dangers posed by distracted driving.

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