Saturday, April 6, 2013

Creating Anti Cyber Bullying Programs in Schools, Daycares and in Your Community

Are you interested in creating a cyber bullying prevention and support club in your school or community?

Check out these fantastic stickers and pins from SmartSign

Their mission:

Cyberbullying can turn kids into victims with the force of a mere click. Cyber bullying knows no geographical boundaries, and the rapid growth of digital technology in the hands of children and teens creates a deeply connected network of potential support and abuse.
  • Over 95% of teenagers use social networking sites to communicate with peers.
  • 85% of teenage online users have been cyber bullied at least once.
  • Over 25% of teens have been bullied repeatedly through text messages or the Internet.
We're here to spread a positive message, combat cyber bullying, and advocate for responsible activity in the digital world. We're here to equip victims and bystanders with a visual toolkit. We’re here to urge you to join the #TakeNoBullies movement!

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