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Employment Resources for Teens and Adults

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Whether you are a parent looking for employment or even a second job, or a teenager wanting to get their first job or considering what they want to do when they grow up, social networking can be a place to go to find out more about you are passionate about or possibly make more money with.

Social networking sites were originally created to connect people, but today’s sites do so much more. Everyone knows that successful careers are built on who you know.

No matter what field you’re in, there’s a site for you.
  1. Teachers – TeachersRecess.comA site for teachers, professors and education professionals, TeachersRecess allows educators a chance to communicate effectively; sharing lesson plans, tips and tricks, and finding out what strategies work to help students learn in the real world.
  2. Police Officers – PolicePulse.comA world-wide network of active and retired law enforcement officers, volunteers & supporters, PolicePulse connects officers and their families to local, national and world law enforcement; allowing them to compare tactics, give comfort, and exchange advice.
  3. Nanny/Childcare – NannyIsland.comA social networking site for childcare workers of all types, this site is relatively new but growing. Allowing nannies to come together, share problems, solutions, and discuss issues, NannyIsland is a place for childcare workers to relax, take in the sights, and enjoy a mini vacation from real life.
  4. Real Estate – ActiveRain.comA huge world-wide site for real estate professionals, ActiveRain has many success stories and much to offer. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in the business or have been an agent for years, ActiveRain can help connect you to a network of dedicated professionals around the world.
  5. Firefighters – – More than just a networking site, FirefighterNation also has news on the latest fires and events, a magazine, job listings, and specialized products for firefighters. Get everything you need in one spot and an easy to use website.
  6. Nurses – - Find friends and former nursing colleagues, network your way to a new nursing job, rate and review top hospitals, schools and more, get nursing career advice and tips, and catch up on the latest nursing topics all on one site.
  7. Chefs – WeAreChefs.comPart of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), WeAreChefs allows food enthusiasts, chefs and other culinary professionals to connect and communicate all over America. Filled with information, recipes and tips, this site is a can’t miss for food lovers.
  8. Physicians – – The largest online network exclusively for physicians, Sermo allows doctors to share insights and learn from colleagues, solicit input and help peers, stayed informed, and even get paid to participate in surveys and focus groups.
  9. Fashion Designers – Fashion-Networks.netUniting fashion lovers and experts from around the world; Fashion-Networks has photos, blogs, polls and shopping from the best brand names in the fashion industry. Tips for great shows, discussions on new fads, and hints on huge sales are just a few of the benefits offered.
  10. Journalists – WiredJournalists.comThis site’s mission is to connect the knowledgeable, expert innovators in online news with journalists of all stripes hoping to learn something new about their evolving craft. The change from traditional to online journalism is happening fast, and those who don’t adapt quickly will be left behind. WiredJournalists offers connections and helpful tips about making the transition.
All these sites have one thing in common- connections. Every career has its problems and issues, and no one person can do everything.  Communication is a cornerstone of success. You build on those who come before you and help out those who follow behind, that way we can all reach the top.

Source:  My ISP Finder

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