Friday, December 31, 2010

Opt-Out of Your Unwanted Emails

It is time to unsubscribe and clean up your digital mailbox aka inbox.

Yes, all the hype and the stress as well as the pressure to get the right gifts - and get them on sale, is over.
Many signed up for generated newletters, store-ads for sales, and more.  If your email isn't full already, it will be over-flowing with after holiday sales.

Whether you are were at a cashier and they asked you for your email, or when you ordered online, your email is now out there.  There is also that high possibility it was passed on without your permission to other marketers (that small print can be tricky).  With that, your inbox and most likely your junkmail will be starting to pile up with tons of that mail you used to see in your old fashioned mailbox.

We will still see the postmaster delivering some flyers, but that doesn't put your computer at risk.  This is not saying all junk mail is bad or dangerous, but who want so to chance opening a link that may not be legit?
Keep your systems safe - keep your teens safe, as many of them have probably signed up for their favorite stores online sales.  Maybe pick 2 or 3 you definitely shop, but after that, take the time to unsubscribe.

Remember, unsubscribing doesn't mean you can't go directly to the website to see the sales or even sign up again if you really want to.  But it is time to clean out your emails and get rid of those annoying pop-ups - once and for all!

Unsubscribe today.

How to unsubscribe from most email advertisers:
  • Open the email (as long as you are familiar with the vendor).
  • Usually you scroll to the bottom and in small print you will see an active hyperlink labled - unsubscribe.
  • Click on it and follow it until it states your email is now unsubscribed. 
  • They may ask you to type your email in a box, be sure you type the email address you are receiving these ads on.
In some instances you will recieve a confirmation of you leaving that specific email, always click you are sure.  Again, remember, you can sign up again at anytime.

Keep in mind, less is more, and the less you have these emails coming into your computer system, the more likely you are to deter viruses into your system.  Safety first - get your ads later.  Talk to your teens about cleaning out their computers too - it will keep you all on a safer path digitally.

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