Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2011 Internet Safety Awards Contest Is Now Open For Submissions

Online Safety is a priority for all ages!  From identity theft, to Internet predators, most everyone is using technology to connect with others.  Social Networking is fun, it can be entertaining and a great way to meet new friends, new cultures and new ideas.  With the good comes some of the not so good.  Unfortunately there will always be nuts who prey on vulnerable children or even desperate adults.

Internet Safety should be your number concern, especially during the holiday season when kids have more free time online and parents are cyber shopping.

ISA – Internet Safety Awards is on!

Welcome to the 2011 The Internet Safety Awards presented by Infragard Honolulu Member Alliance, Hawaii State Department of Education, FBI, Department of Justice, Oceanic Time Warner, KGMB9, CyberW0rx.8o8 / Aikea808,True Digital, Torch Entertainment, Maintec Inc., Microsoft, along with other generous sponsors. Yes, before you know it, we’ll be handing out lots of prizes and fabulous awards for the 4th Annual Internet Safety Awards. Start looking here for updates on when submissions will be do and all of the updated information about the ISA. Also, very important.. Put down in your calendar Friday,April 1, 2011 because that’s when the 2011 Internet Safety Awards Gala will take place! Already signed for the show are Hawaii’s funniest man, Frank Delima, and KCCN’s Lina Girl. More celebs on the way!

Learn more:
  • The deadline for this year’s entries will be February 11, 2011.
  • They will then be distributed to the judges for judging.
  • Once completed, the judges tally sheet will be sent to me for final tabulation and the finalists determined.
  • The judges will have about 2 weeks to score the entries.
  • Announcement of the winners will be at the awards gala to be held on April 1, 2011 at Farrington High School Auditorium.
  • Certificates of Participation will be presented to all team members.
  • Top five finalists will have a plaque.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the school of the winning teams.
In the past, these prizes were monetary awards and products/services to be used for the school.  All students who entered as a team member are invited to attend the Gala and ONLY these students are eligible for the random prize giveaways.  These range from backpacks, laptop bags, t-shirts, to XBoxes and iPods.  Last year, I donated 4 iPod nanos, an iPad, and a netbook for the random drawing.  My MicroSoft “partner” have been donating at 4 XBoxes at each of our three past contests.
In addition, there will be entertainment by local musicians and teen dance revue.  We also have celebrity award presenters and opening keynote speakers from city, state and Federal government leaders and educators.
Last year, Howard Schmidt (a personal friend) made a short video thanking our students for their part in cybersecurity.
Unfortunately, our contest is non-profit and everything is pretty much donations  and “aloha“, so I can not offer you a  trip to Hawaii, but if you can attend, we do have contacts in the hotel industry that may be able to get us a very good rate.

Contributed by Chris Duque

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