Thursday, August 26, 2010

Teen Rule with Texting - New Study Reveals High Cellphone Usage

This week the Nielsen Study was released and revealed some interesting results concerning cellphone usage and textingFlorida ranks fourth highest in the county for cellphone usage and teens rule when it comes to texting.

As you travel through the school zones in Duval County is it hard to miss at least one teenager on a cellphone or texting someone.  If you stop at the new Dunkin Donuts on San Marcos in St. Augustine you will almost always run into one or more people on their cellphones as well as a teen texting as fast as their fingers will go.

Yes, teens to rule in texting, after all they probably taught their parents how to text. 

The question is, in today's struggling economy who pays for all these cellphones and unlimited texting and Internet plans?  Sure, you can get great rates today, but you also have parents out of work, families losing their homes and many without health insurance.

It is true, for safety reasons and more cellphones are definitely a benefit and they are also a privilege.  Whether you are stranded with a flat tire or running late to pick up a friend, you can simply call from your cell.  We have seen texting benefits when there is a crime being committed or you are in a situation where you can't talk, but can type.

What would happen if parents reduced their cellphone plans to the basics.  Like we had years ago when we only used the phone for emergencies or needed.  Today they are more of a toy, and can be an expensive monthly one.  To assume all families are having financial difficulties is wrong, however it is a fair assumption that many are definitely having economic meltdowns.

When you go over your family budget, have you considered putting a limit on your teen's cellphone usage? If they have a job or allowance, is your teen pitching in for their cellphone?

Take the time to see where you can save a bit.  You may even find having a conversation with your teen verbally isn't so bad.

See the complete Nielsen Study here.

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