Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sue Scheff: Teens to BABIES!

How many parents of teenagers wish they could flip a switch and go back to those adorable baby days? It seems like within a blink of an eye, your once happy, bouncing baby has grown up so fast. We go from the infants stage, to the toddlers, straight to elementary school and approach those tween years that before you know it, you have a teen (that think they are an adult).

You have to pull out those dusty scrapbooks and photo albums to remember those precious sweet moments of your babies.

Coming in May (Mother's Day Delight) to a theater near you, is one of the most surprising and uplifting films that will have many people smiling, crying and simply feeling good. Most everyone loves babies, and this documentary explores a year in a life of a year old baby in four different parts of the world.

USA Today has done an extensive review on this upcoming film. You can meet the four babies and learn a bit about their background.

For parents that are struggling with their teens and tweens today, this film is a great reminder that our kids were once babies and no matter what troubles or stress they are giving us now, we will always love them unconditionally.

You must take a few minutes and watch this dynamic trailer here and a sneak peak at the slideshow of clips of the film! It will make you smile!

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