Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sue Scheff: FTC Releases Guide to Help Parents Talk to Their Kids About the Web

Many know that one of my favorite organizations is ReputationDefender. I believe they are a force in helping you and your family maintain a level of safety online - cyberspace has become an area of concern for many parents, however ReputationDefender is diligently keeping up with the time and even 10 steps ahead of most of us! Here is a recent article from their educational Blog.

FTC Releases Guide to Help Parents Talk to Their Kids About the Web
The Federal Trade Commission recently released a new guide to help parents talk to their kids about the internet. Released through the FTC program, OnGuard Online, the guide is titled Net Cetera: Chatting With Kids About Being Online.

Here is a description of the guide from the FTC:

“Kids and parents have many ways of socializing and communicating online, but they come with certain risks. This guide encourages parents to reduce the risks by talking to kids about how they communicate – online and off – and helping kids engage in conduct they can be proud of. Net Cetera covers what parents need to know, where to go for more information, and issues to raise with kids about living their lives online."

Netcetera was produced in conjunction with a variety of governmental and non-profit agencies, including one of our favorite organizations, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. ReputationDefender and iKeepSafe have worked together on multiple occasions to advance children’s safety issues online, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Finding solutions to safety and privacy problems on the web isn’t something that can or should be done alone. It is refreshing to see so many groups working toward the common goal of helping parents connect with and protect their kids online.

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