Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sue Scheff: Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here! Many kids are already anxious with anticipation and excitement. Parents are busy either making their costumes or shopping for them. Be sure to take a few minutes to review these Halloween Safety Tips! They may sound like common sense, but we all need reminding.

•Have a parent or older sibling go trick or treating with you, or go in a group.
•Wear a costume that makes it easy for you to walk, see and be seen.
•Trick or treat in your own neighborhood. Go only to the homes of people you know.
•Carry a flashlight so you can been easily.
•Use makeup instead of a mask or anything that obscures your vision.
•Be sure your costume is flame retardant.
•Cross only at corners. Never cross the street between parked cars or in the middle of the block.
•Stay on sidewalks and be aware of cars that may be turning or backing out of driveways.
•Don’t go to homes that do not have their lights on.
•Always be polite, say thank you, even if you don’t care for the treat.
•Wait until you get home to sort, check, and eat your treats; accept only candy that is wrapped or packaged. Parents or an older sibling should help sort the treats.
Lastly, my favorite idea that can be a tip that I just learned about: Teaching gratitude on Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Have fun and stay safe!

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