Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sue Scheff: Second Chance, learn about what your kids are eating today

Second Chance, by Kip Moore
Contact: Kip Moore

A Book of Faith, Love, and Survival

A father sits in the waiting room of the pediatric intensive care unit of The Children’s Hospital of
Denver, hopeless and frantic. He holds his wife close while she cries. They are exhausted from four sleepless nights of keeping vigil at their son’s bedside as they cling to hope. What happens next is an inspiring true story of a child’s will to live.

A Deadly Scare

Eighteen-month-old Chance survived a near-death situation brought on by the ingestion of tainted beef while on a family vacation. Chance’s critical illness pushed his parents, Kip and Marti, to the edge of despair. But the hope of this Colorado family, nurtured by intense love, prayer, and perseverance, paid off in a joyful way—he received his second chance on life.

How Safe is our Food?

Who could have predicted that a relaxing family vacation would turn the Moore family upside down?

How safe is the food you serve your children?

• Would you recognize flu-like symptoms as potentially fatal?
• How would you and your family cope if tested in a time of crisis?
• Will it be too late for you or a loved one?

A Unique Message

The author delivers his message with a unique combination of raw emotion mixed with humor. As he states in the book, “I’m just an average guy, to whom extraordinary events occurred.” He gives valuable information about the threat of E. coli O157:H7 in easily understood terms, while never loosing site of the emotional impact such a deadly infection can cause parents of sick children. No parent should have to ask, “Is my child going to die?” Second Chance
answers this question in a way that is both heartwarming and inspirational.

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