Friday, September 4, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parenting resources and Mommy websites

Where do moms (and dads too) surf to find new ideas for their toddlers and children today? Although I usually write about teenagers, I have found a tremendous wealth of information on various sites that target fantastic ideas, articles, tips, Blogs and more about raising kids today. After all, your teen was once a toddler! It only seems like yesterday we were changing diapers. Many people today are having more children later in life, so this article will give you some exciting new concepts for raising kids today.

Mommy Perks – Have you been perked yet? Whether you are looking for new products for children, or simply want to explore this phenomenal website, Mommy Perks offers something for everyone. The articles and Blogs are about today’s headlines regarding children and teens. They offer advice on how to find the best books for your child, as well as many great giveaways! With today’s economy finding giveaways is rare. Join Mommy Perks today and follow them on Twitter @MommyPerks. Don’t forget to read their Personal Children's Stories page too!

Imagination Soup – Creative ideas and classes for children. Looking for outside fun? Art? Writing? What about some Imagination time? Imagination Soup has many fun ideas for parenting today kids. They offer contests, Blogs and much more. Drop by today and visit their store! Follow them on Twitter @ImaginationSoup and join their Facebook page.

Bingnote – Building self-esteem one child at a time. Yes, that is Bingzy, their mascot and I have reviewed their products and totally impressed with the combination of educational products with encouragement for kids. Check out their children’s Blog and so much more on this engaging and stimulating website. Follow them on Twitter @Bingnote and on Facebook.

Good Soup – Is full of nothing but good news! This website empowers you to be all you can be, and that includes being a better parent. Good Soup will lift you up and offer you good food thoughts. They are also a sponsor for YES Seminar, which inspires teens to reach their dreams! Follow them on Twitter @HeatherO and join her on Facebook.

Twins Talk – Parent to Parent advice for raising multiples. Forget the national headlines; take notice of Susan Heim is an author and editor, specializing in parenting, multiples, and women’s issues. Her website is chock full of valuable, educational and first-rate advice from firsthand experiences. She offers twins tips, resources and much more including enlightening Blogs! Follow her on Twitter @ParentingAuthor.

For more info: Take the time to visit these websites and learn more! An educated parent is a prepared parent and equals safer kids (and more fun ideas)!

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