Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sue Scheff: An advice columnist reveals the perfect Father's Day gift

A dad with no hobbies? No problem. I've got the perfect Father's Day gift suggestion. How perfect? Glad you asked. It's free. And it is almost guaranteed to bring tears to his eyes.It's the gift of your time. If at all possible block out some time to spend with Dad, just the two of you. Tell him you don't want to share him with anyone. No Mom. No siblings. No grandkids. Maybe it's just watching a ballgame together on TV.

As for the happy tears part, that too is going to take some time -- to think about what he really means to you, then telling him so in a handwritten note. Sure it's a lot easier to buy a card and sign it "Love, Your Daughter or Son," but I'm urging you not to cheap out emotionally.

Instead, recall -- in specific detail -- your favorite memories, what your dad has meant to you and done for you that you especially cherish and appreciate. Trust me on this: It will be the best Father's Day ever -- for both of you.Shop, drop, ask for help Yearning for a friend -- only better -- to tell you what to choose, where to look, how to get good value? Now you've got an angel on your shoulder.

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