Friday, December 5, 2008

Sue Scheff: Drug Free America - Parent Campaign

Parenting today has become more challenging than ever. Social Networking is expanding a new area of concern for parents - and today more than ever, parents need to be informed and keep updated about substance abuse, teen drug use, huffing, drinking, inhalant use and other harmful habits. Peer pressure, the need to fit in - combined with kids suffering with low self esteem can lead to negative behavior.

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Parent Campaign

Greater parental involvement in the decisions kids make about drugs is critical to preventing and reducing substance abuse. Our research has shown that kids who report learning a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to half as likely to use drugs as those who don’t. However, only about 3 out of 10 kids report learning a lot about drugs from their parents. Our Parent Campaign is designed to inspire more parents and other family influencers to connect with their kids in ways that persuade them to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The campaign includes comprehensive new information and resources to assist families in preventing, recognizing, and dealing with substance abuse problems. The website is organized in action-oriented sections that both educate and inspire parents and other influencers of kids to better understand and “know” their children, how to connect with them, how to keep tabs on them, how to spot drug use, and what to do if they suspect their child is using alcohol or other drugs.

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