Saturday, November 9, 2013

Helping Your Teen Avoid Drug Use

Statistics have proven parents do make a difference in their child's decision to use drugs.

Here’s a quiz to see whether you’re doing all you can.

Give yourself five points for something you usually do, zero points for something you never do—or any score in between.

___1. I have talked with my teen about drug and alcohol use. She knows our family’s values.
___2. I know where my teen is and who she is with.
___3. I keep my children involved in positive activities like volunteering and sports.
___4. I know the signs of alcohol and drug abuse.
___5. I am aware of the example I provide.

How did you score?

Above 20 means you’re doing all you can to help your teen avoid drugs and alcohol. A score of 15 to 19 is average. Below 15 means you may need to talk more directly about drugs and alcohol.

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