Wednesday, February 9, 2011

School Loans, Educational Loans and Debt: Informational Blogs and Resources

Guest Blogger, Julia Watson, prepared this fantastic, informational and educational list of Blogs that can help give you advice when you are overwhelmed with student loans.
Are you strapped with student loans?

Going to college, whether online or off, close to home or in a foreign country, can be an exciting, enlightening and ultimately life-changing experience. While it may be well worth it in the long run, it comes at a high cost to many students, and debt after graduation can be crippling for those who don’t have high paying jobs or who cannot find work at all. Finding a way to manage your finances and battle down that debt is a common struggle, so why not share in it with others who are where you are and who’ve come out on the other side? Here are some great blogs that will help you learn about debt reduction, pay off your debts and become a more financially savvy adult.

These blogs will teach you the basics of managing your finances.
  1. Engineer Your Finances: Want some great advice on how to structure your financial situation so that you’ll be financially secure instead of in tons of debt? Give this blog a read, or two.
  2. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: One of the most popular PF blogs on the web, this blog will show you how to make the best use of your income.
  3. Get Rich Slowly: It’s not going to happen overnight, so learn how to make your finances work for you the slow and steady way.
  4. MintLife Blog: While using a site like Mint can help you really keep track of your finances, you don’t have to use it to appreciate the great advice offered on this blog.
  5. Realm of Prosperity: Who doesn’t want to be prosperous? On this blog, you’ll get financial advice geared towards young adults.
  6. Bargaineering: From saving to smart spending, check out this blog for all your financial advice needs.
  7. Consumerism Commentary: Don’t be stupid when it comes to spending your money. Learn how to spend smart, save and plan for the future on this blog.
  8. Independent Beginnings: Being out on your own and managing your own finances can be tricky. This blog offers help for young people in need of personal finance advice.
For Students and Recent Grads
Geared towards those who’ve just emerged from school or who are due to graduate soon, these finance blogs deal with a wide range of grad finance issues.
  1. Studentnomics: This blog is all about helping young people like yourself pay off their students debts, save their money and enjoy living life in the real world.
  2. The Frugal Law Student: Anyone with crushing school debt can understand the concerns of this law student struggling to save and make ends meet.
  3. 20 Something Finance: As you enter your 20s, you’ll learn more than a few things about personal finance. This blog is there to help you along the way.
  4. Poorer Than You: Check out this site for posts on financial issues that affect students and young grads, like school debt, building net worth and much more.
  5. Money Under 30: There are some money issues that are a lot more important to fresh grads and twenty-somethings than those over 30. Learn more about them on this site.
  6. Grad Money Matters: Your education may have helped get you a job, but it doesn’t guarantee smarts when it comes to money. Learn more about financial issues that all grads should be worried about here.
  7. Green Panda Treehouse: The financial articles on this blog are geared towards money issues that new grads face, from finding a first post-college job to paying off those horrible school debts.
Debt Blogs
Through these blogs you’ll find the information and inspiration you need to help pay off your student debts.
  1. No Debt Plan: These bloggers share how they’re working their way out of debt and into financial security.
  2. Stop Buying Crap: Want to focus on getting your school debts paid off? This blog could offer the solution.
  3. Man Vs. Debt: Even with kids, this young dad shows that it is possible to pay off even huge amounts of debt.
  4. Debt Free Adventure: If you’re unsure how to even begin paying off debts, give this blog a read. It offers pointers on everything you’ll need to know to get rid of debt and get on your feet.
  5. Single Guy Money: If you’re like many college grads, you’re single, have your first job and not much practice managing your money. This blogger shares your struggle, so read on to see how he got through.
  6. The Simple Dollar: The articles on this blog are easy to understand and can help you learn how to save more and pay off your debts before doing anything else.
  7. Debt Hater: Hate your debt? So does this blogger. Learn what measures they’re taking to battle debts and how you can follow suit.
These bloggers prove that paying off your debt really can be done, and they’ll show you how.
  1. TeacHer Finance: Teachers don’t make big bucks, but even on a limited budget this young teacher is trying to power through paying back her debts.
  2. My Money Blog: This blogger is working towards financial security bit by bit, and you can follow along here.
  3. Budgets are Sexy: Learn why creating a budget, however boring it sounds, can really be a boon for your finances. Don’t think so? This blogger shows off just how it’s helped.
Loan Blogs
Learn more about student loans, from consolidation to payment options, on these sites.
  1. Forgive Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy: This blogger supports helping students and the economy at the same time by forgiving loan debt.
  2. Student Loan Blog:From finding a job post-college to understanding your loan repayment, this blog has loads to offer debt-saddled students.
  3. The Credit Blog: Loans are a form of credit, and you need to learn all you can about them to best pay them off.
  4. Financial Aid News Blog: This financial aid news site offers not only information about programs to help you pay back your debt, but helpful information you might not find elsewhere.
  5. College Loan Consultant: Learn more about what kinds of loans are out there, how to repay them, and what kind of tax breaks you can get from this site.

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