Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sue Scheff: The Simpsons Are Now Part of Kids Health?

The National PTA Convention held in Memphis Tennessee last week had many exhibitors.  One of the fun booths was the introduction to The Simpsons through health and wellness.  How?

St. Hill Pharmaceutical Corporation has launched a line of vitamins with the trademark permission of The Simpsons!  Years ago many will remember The Flintstones as the morning chewable vitamin, now we have The Simpsons Squirts!

What is it?

Berry Squirts Omega 3 Formula, which comes from deep sea water fish, contains two important and remarkable components: EPA and DHA. Omega 3 fatty acids do more than help promote cardiovascular, immune system, and vision health. The Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are also known to support brain development, learning ability, and attentiveness in kids of all ages. Unique and vital nutrients that will work hard for your body and mind.

The Simpsons Sugar Free Chewable Vitamins are available in many formulations to address the many wellness needs of kids. Whether it's an extra dose of Vitamin C to help ward off colds, or an extra dose of Calcium to help growing bones, or just a daily multivitamin with minerals for an overall feeling of wellness each day, The Simpsons Chewables are here to help. 

Free sample bottles were given out at the convention, and they were a hit!  It is a struggle to get our kids to eat healthy, knowing they already are probably a fan of The Simpsons, the good taste will remind them everyday to take their vitamins.

Learn more on their website with valuable information and fun games for the kids to play.

You can purchase these vitamin - squirts at your local Florida GNC stores.  You can also buy online.  Don't forget to find out how to take the Healthy Challenge and win the collection of Simpson T-Shirts.

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