Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sue Scheff: Give the Gift of Virtual 'Presence'

Many people are out shopping those sales or using the Internet to shop for them. Have you stopped to think about who you are? What does your online identity say about you?
Maybe you have been a victim of identity theft? Worse could be character theft! That is irreplaceable without a lot of time, energy and tech savvy. Which brings us to a recent column and a perfect holiday gift to yourself or others (especially those hard to buy for).

Recently Wall Street Journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein wrote an excellent column on Internet revenge, 'The Dark Side of Webtribution' and I was flattered to be in her article. She shared how it is imperative that people realize the power of the Internet, including social networking.

What people and especially small businesses need to understand is your online presence is priceless - giving someone (or yourself) a gift of their own URL, Blog or website can be cost effective yet valuable beyond words.

*Help jump-start your potential college applicant/application.
*Out of work? Learn to promote your skills online.
*Professional or small business owner? Learn to own and manage your virtual image.
Let's learn how to begin to create this gift of virtual holiday presence. Click here for tips and ideas.
Click here for part 2. Offers great tips and ideas for giving a virtual gift of pressence.

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