Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parenting Information, Website, Books and More

What a great website full of great information including fantastic teen books, parenting tips as well as educational ideas. Annie Fox is a renown author of many books and audios geared towards helping you raise your kids today. She focuses on 10-14 year olds, which is exactly when we need to start preparing them for those Middle School and High School years. Everyone knows the peer pressure in today’s society - to keep up with the next teen, including technology, clothing, relationships and where do you belong!

Here is a brief idea of what you will find on Annie’s Parent Forum. Be sure to check out her books for teens and more.

Welcome to Annie Fox’s Parent Forum — online education and support for parents raising tweens and teens. At times, your job is the toughest in the world. That’s true, in part, because your daughters and sons may be pushing back hard, trying to convince you that they’ve got it all figured out. They don’t. Not yet. Your 21st century teens still need you. To lead them effectively, you need 21st century parenting skills.

So read my blog, and Q & A from other parents, check out my Parenting Tips and my essays, or send me a question. You’ll get straightforward advice that you can use immediately to create healthier relationships in your family. That’s going to translate into more trust, respect, honesty, and open communication at home. Sounds like something we’d all like more of, right?

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