Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Safe Teen Driving Club - Parenting Teens As they Learn to Drive

There's an epidemic in the US that's taking the lives of our youngsters. Driving fatalities are the number one cause of death among youngsters age 15 to 20. Driving crashes surpass suicide, homicide and all other causes. Over 300,000 teens are admitted to hospital ER's each year -- many with life-changing injuries. Among licensed drivers, young people have the highest fatal crash rate of any age group. What's more distressing, teens at age 16 are twice as likely to die in fatal car crashes as 18 to 19 year old teens. This is largely due to their youth and lack of experience behind the wheel.

We know your life is busy. We're here to give you the support, help, information and services you need to keep your youngster a quick, easy-to-use format.

Parents tell us they're concerned about issues like these...

Is my youngster ready to drive?
Driving safety - how to avoid accidents
Setting realistic and effective driving rules
How to pay for driver's ed
Is driver's ed enough?
Sharing the cost of driving with your teen
Risky driving behaviors
Laws in your state
Insurance costs and issues
Safety of the car she drives
Auto maintenance and repair
Legal issues in case of a crash

Safe Teen Driving Club is the source you can rely on to help you keep your youngster safe.

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